Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Moonbroth 2: Electric Boogaloo

nothing happens until it happens twice

Tonight will kick off with our PCs running up against the Lunar presence at Moonbroth and around the Pairing Stones.

Here are the Fronts:

Challenge to Clan War Making

The Lunars at Moonbroth & Pairing Stones
Clan Resource: War
Threatening Faction: The Lunars
NPC: Sitzmag Redmoon, Captain of the Antelope Riders and Radak the Iron Centurion
Lore: Field Survey of the Lunar College of Magic, attached to Provincial Army
Mythic Echoes: Exile Period
- Among the first of Dorasor’s (Sartar’s brother)followers, seeking freedom from Lunar Shadows
- Among the first to strike out east across the desert and settle in River of Cradles
- Made friends with the puritanical Sun Dome Templars
- Made foes of the Morokanth
- When the Lunars came, we joined them at the battle of Moonbroth. And lost. Gloriously!
Resolution: TBA

Or not.

The dream the night before

The prep.

The battle.

Challenge to Peace:

Someone is turning the new religious fervour against the Green Pyramid followers
Clan Resource: Peace
Threatening Faction: Orlanthi
NPC: Yvane Blackspear
Mythic Echoes:
This Front is — coming into play, will not make any pre-game move

Challenge to Morale:

Continued Subversion by Indagos and the Knowledge Priestess
Clan Resource: Morale
Threatening Faction: Wild Card Independents: Sir Javan Indagos
NPC: Indagos and Hetaera Thessen (Lunar knowledge priestess)
Lore: Rich Family
Mythic Echoes: Mythic Origins
- our primal goddess was Harna Ilor, Goddess of Harmony
- placed our faith in the growing masculine aspect of the universe
- First ceremony: the sacrifice dance
- helped primal storm by defying the bright Emperor. Lousy anarchists.
- Joined Orlanth when he wooed Ernalda and created the Marriage Ring
- Our clan acquired the Trade rune when Issaries made exchanges that saved our people
- at the Marriage of Ernalda and Orlanth we guarded the wedding circle (gained ritual power)
Resolution: TBA, will probably involve Timo

Challenge to Clan Magic

Earth will have her due
Clan Resource: Magic
Threatening Faction: The Divine
NPC: Daranalda, High Priestess of Ernalda Temple
Lore: Dinosaurs
Mythic Echoes: 3rd Age
- We returned to Dragon Pass because we were poor and wanted wealth
- He became a part of a new, large tribe: The Dinacoli or The Rich Ones
- We revere the High King Sartar because of his sacred self-immolation
- Lunar Missionaries: when they first appeared we drove them off.
Resolution: TBA
This Front is — holding back, but will be back in place to make another Strong Move after tonight’s session, unless something changes.

Challenge to Clan Wealth

Parades, I tell you. They shall be parades of worshipers. [Am I the only person who remembers “Floats” by The Credibility Gap?]
Clan Resource: Wealth
Threatening Faction: Pavisites
NPC: Fleeter Neem (Pavis’ temporal representative), Benderri (religious representative)
Lore: Sacrifices to Pavis
Mythic Echoes: Gods War
- when the darkness fell, the Deadly Archers joined us as equals (we don’t take thralls)
- our ancient enemy were the change-hating Dwarves, who blamed us for the war
- we were nearly eliminated by our journey across the plain of salt (we know of deserts)
- our direst foes were the Scorpionmen
- We survived the Great Darkness courtesy of the “Wind Hide Me” prayer to Brastalos, the calm eye at the center of the storm.
Resolution: TBA